India Warranty is India’s premier provider of Product Protection Plans such as Extended Warranty, Handset Insurance, Equipment Maintenance Plan etc., and related value-added solutions. We develop, market, administer, and provide assistance in underwriting Product Protection Plans in collaborative relationships with retailers, distributors, dealers, manufacturers and services providers. Our solutions are designed for and deployed through the players in the product value chain of mobile phones, consumer electronics and appliances, and automobiles products. We partner with our clients to leverage our mutual experience and expertise to design and deliver the solutions that guarantee client profitability and enhance customer loyalty.

Our clients trust us to continue delivering a quality product ownership experience during their customers’ after-market service needs. That’s because we offer a team of expert professionals whose vast experience in the Product Protection Plan arena is unmatched; proprietary technology and business processes that are setting the industry standard; and an unwavering commitment to addressing clients’ needs and increasing customer loyalty. The unique combination of these unparalleled complementary attributes affords us the ability to quickly develop and deploy creative solutions that help our clients meet their business goals and provide their customers with a quality product ownership experience.

Experience and Expertise

Identifying the needs of our clients and their customers and developing creative solutions to address these needs is what we do best. Our depth of knowledge and breadth of experience in Product Protection Plans and related solutions provide us with the unique insights in identifying and addressing our clients’ needs. Our leadership team is comprised of successful professionals whose vast tenures in Product Protection Plans are unmatched in the industry. Our expertise in all the critical functions of the Product Protection Plan arena; such as Legal and Governmental Affairs, Insurance Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, Customer Service Management, Service Solutions Delivery, Product Development, Marketing, Sales and Training Support, Service Contract Administration, Client Relationship Management etc.; allows us To develop customized and comprehensive solutions that increase client profitability and enhance customer loyalty.

Technology and Processes

While gaining efficiency through streamlining of the business operation and standardization of processes is an important objective behind the use of any technology, the primary goal of our state-of-the-art proprietary information system is to provide ease of interaction and flexibility of integration with our business partners, and enrich the product ownership experience of their customers. We believe the needs of clients and their customers must formulate the business processes and then a technological solution must be built to automate these business processes. Our technology leads our tactical action but its underlying user-friendly business processes lead our strategic focus. Our homegrown information system is an encapsulation of our years of experience in industry-specific, client-focused, and customer-friendly business processes and practices. Its service-oriented architecture (SOA) allows us the flexibility in designing and implementing the solutions that address ever-changing needs of our clients and their consumers.

Compassion and Commitment

We recognize our clients’ need to achieve their business goals by providing their customers with a market differentiator designed to enhance customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is the result of continued and consistent quality service and complete peace of mind throughout product ownership. Our rich history of successfully creating and promoting value-added solutions aimed at enhancing customer loyalty is a testament to our commitment to addressing the needs of both our clients and their customers. Our solutions reflect our clients’ business philosophy and are the continuation of the quality experience customers receive at the time of a product sale. It’s our unwavering commitment to excellence and unmatched capability to continuously create and promote value-added solutions that makes our clients trust us with their most valuable asset – their customers.

Whatever the need – a turn-key Product Protection Plan solution or a piecemeal component of it; i.e., regulatory compliance, underwriting, marketing, sales and training support, claims management, after-market services etc., we deliver impactful and measurable results.

India Warranty is a socially responsible corporation committed to better the communities it serves. To learn more about our corporate citizenship efforts, click here.

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