Product Protection Plan, also commonly referred to as Extended Warranty, Extended Service Plan (ESP), Extended Service Contract (ESC) etc., is a Service Agreement which transfers financial risk related to product failure from its buyer to its provider. . Basically, a Product Protection Plan extends the term, enhances the coverage and improves the services provided by the manufacturer’s warranty on the product.

Manufacturers provide warranty on their products for a very limited period of time. After that period is expired, you are at risk of spending thousands if your product fails and needs repair or replacement. With a Product Protection Plan, you can extend the length of warranty to the term of your choosing and protect yourself from spending thousands in the event your product fails.

Because Product Protection Plans provided by India Warranty not only extend the term length of manufacturer’s warranty but also enhance the coverage and services provided during the extended period. With extended time and enhanced coverage and services, you can enjoy your product worry-free with complete peace of mind. With Product Protection Plan provided by India Warranty;

  • You can extend the term of your coverage for up to additional 3 years.
  • Your product is covered not just for defects in material and workmanship but also  for mechanical and electrical failure, normal wear and tear, and environmental factors such as heat, dust and humidity.
  • You are entitled to UNLIMITED repairs during the Product Protection Plan period. Every time your product fails, contact us and we will repair it or replace it.
  • Your larger non-portable products are repaired in the convenience of your home. Your smaller portable products are repaired at an authorized service center near you.
  • Claim filing is easy, convenient, and takes less than 10 minutes.
  • 24/7 customer support to file a claim at your convenience.
  • Your Product Protection Plan is transferrable to subsequent users/owners and may qualify for renewal.

Many manufacturers offer Protection Plans on their own products but they are usually 40% more expensive on average than India Warranty, limited in their coverage, inferior in their service, and can be bought only at very limited locations.

The primary goal of both Insurance Policy and Product Protection Plan is to transfer financial risk related to a product failure from its buyer to its provider. However, Insurance Regulatory Department of India (IRDA) does not recognize Product Protection Plan or Extended Warranty as insurance.

India Warranty offers Product Protection Plans on mobile phones, consumer electronics and appliances, and automobiles. Only devices with at least 90 days of manufacturer’s warranty remaining qualify for the Product Protection Plan (whereas both new and pre-owned automobiles qualify for the Product Protection Plan). Product Protection Plans cover products used in consumer use only. The Product Protection Plans do not cover the products and/or components that require continuous business and/or commercial operation, or are used for commercial, industrial, educational or public use purposes or offered on a rental basis.

For new mobile phones, consumer electronics and appliances, and automobiles, you can buy a Product Protection Plan either at the time of buying your new product or at least 90 days before the manufacturer’s warranty on your new product is expired. We highly recommend buying Product Protection Plan at the time you buy a product. For pre-owned automobiles, you can buy a Product Protection Plan only at the time of purchase.

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Exactly that! The in-home service means a qualified technician will repair the product in your home. It is your responsibility, however, to allow the repair technician proper access to your product so the repair can be performed safely and conveniently. For example, you will need to un-install, then re-install your TV if it’s mounted on your wall.

You get back to enjoying your product without paying anything. If it fails again, you follow the same claim process and your product will be repaired again.

In that case, you will receive a replacement product of like, kind and quality. Alternatively, we may reimburse you to buy a replacement product yourself

1. Unauthorized personnel attempted to repair the product.
2. Product is repaired prior to receiving authorization from us.
3. Required documents are not provided .
4. A claim is filed after more than 30 days from product failure date.
5. Reason for product failure is excluded from the coverage.

The Product Protection Plan is transferable for a nominal fee and is renewable at our discretion.

Please visit File a Claim. We will give you a shipping address where you will need to ship your product. We will repair or replace your product and ship it back to you at the location of your choice.

Ask for a Product Protection Plan when buying a product or signing up for a service (with telecommunication provider, credit card company, utility company, financing company etc.). If you have already purchased a product without a Product Protection Plan and your product has at least 90 days of manufacturer’s warranty remaining on it, click here to find the authorized Product Protection Plan retailer near you. Our authorized Product Protection Plan retailer may ask you to bring your product with you when you come in to ensure that it is working properly at the time of purchase.

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