Electronics and Appliances do fail – undoubtedly!

Most modern electronic and appliance items; be it TVs, laptops, digital cameras/camcorders, washing machines or refrigerators, are an expensive budget item for most families. Unfortunately, the LIMITED time, coverage and services provided by the manufacturers’ warranties on these products neither justify the high prices nor do they reflect your true usage.

The LIMITED nature of the manufacturer’s warranty puts you, the consumer, at risk in many ways:

  • Costly out-of-pocket expenses for repairs of your product.
  • Even more expenses for replacing your product if it cannot be repaired.
  • The inconvenience of recurring repairs even if the same problem persists.
  • Unfriendly and inconvenient repair and replacement processes.
  • The inconvenience of limited customer support hours, unfriendly claim processes and non-transferability of the warranty.

Wouldn’t your electronics and appliances be more enjoyable and valuable if their manufacturers’ warranties were not LIMITED?

Great news!! Now you can UNLIMIT yourself from the limitations of manufacturers’ warranties.

India Warranty’s Electronics and Appliance Protection Plan allows you to: EXTEND the time of your warranty; ENHANCE the coverage and services during the extended warranty period; and ENJOY complete peace of mind while you own the product.

Benefits of India Warranty’s Electronics and Appliance Protection Plan:

  • You can extend the time of warranty on your product for up to an additional 3 years!
  • The coverage during the extended warranty period is enhanced to now cover mechanical and electrical failures resulting from normal wear and tear and environmental factors such as heat, dust, and humidity.
  • Your product is repaired EVERYTIME it fails – at NO COST to you! If your product cannot be repaired or the same problem persists, your entire product is replaced – again at NO COST!
  • In-Home repair for a large product at the comfort and convenience of your home.
  • Carry-In repair for smaller products are available at an authorized repair center near you, saving you shipping costs and efforts.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Your Electronics and Appliance Protection Plan is transferrable to subsequent users/purchasers and may qualify for renewal.
  • The joy of using your electronics and appliances with complete PEACE OF MIND!

India Warranty’s Electronics and Appliance Protection Plan covers most consumer electronics and appliances products, across various makes, models, sizes, technologies and price ranges.

Act fast! Enjoy your electronics and appliances worry-free. Protect your electronics and appliances. .

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